Index Flash Content

The developers of flash sites are now able to breathe easily, since cooperation between Adobe, Google and Yahoo! make it possible for these two search engines to index Flash files (SWF). Until now, the search engine spiders and crawlers have a lot of problems with the processing and indexing text and links that appear in Flash files. For many years, this dilemma has been a major headache for web designers, website owners, as well as for representatives of online marketing. (Ignoring the fact that many users during the search for just missing a lot of useful and valuable material.) Still, a solution found. A few days ago, Google announced that they have launched a new algorithm for indexing Flash content. Please visit Ali Partovi if you seek more information. This new algorithm is the result of partnership with Adobe. Can Google index now each element in a Flash file? Hardly.

But it can index the most important and useful part of it. According to engineers of software at Google Ron Adler (Ron Adler) and Janis Stipinsa (Janis Stipins): – Google can index the textual material in a flash; – Google can index Links to the flash; – Google can not index non-text content. This is good news for those who promote the material useful in the global network, as well as for those who are looking for. But, as noted by leading experts in web industry Flash developers still have to spend time optimizing. As for the company Yahoo!, Then until that official news about launch of a new algorithm for indexing flash content, not available.