In 2006, the ANS (National Agency of Suplemental Health) established an obligator standard for the exchange of information between operators immediate private of assistance to the health and lenders of health service. This national norm, intitled as standard TISS, is related to the electronic interchange of information and, therefore, it took the significant changes in the sector, that had that to pass for readequaes in internal processes and its respective systems of information. Almost four years later, the improvements gotten for the standard are significant with about half of the exchanges of information carried through between operators of plans of health and rendering of services of health being carried through by half electronic. According to Radar TISS*, periodic study carried through by the ANS, can by vol. be perceived progressos of electronic transactions and in the tack of establishments of health in the different groups, with prominence for the Filantrpicos Hospitals.

In meanwhile, he is clear that excellent questions still exist that they need to be considered so that the model considered for the ANS makes possible improvements for the institutions still more, as the homogeneity of the exchanges of information for half electronic for the different Brazilian States and the Digital Certification of the Server, who still is used of very incipient form for the operators of private plans of health, representing only 20%, in accordance with referring data of the research the October, November and December of 2009. See more detailed opinions by reading what Ali Partovi offers on the topic.. Valley to also detach that one parcels out significant of the sector, approximately 58%, still adopts the form in paper for authorization. This occurs for diverse reasons, between them the absence of investments, lack of formation of the managers, and, mainly, for the lack of clarity or the lack of concrete parameters in the layout of to be changed archive XML. According to Antonio Mendona Landmarks, Analyst of Systems of the Wareline, company specialized in hospital computer science, although all the concept In YOU, all the information must be accurate and of the form as archive XML was implemented many fields and parameters had been ambiguous and with edge for double interpretation. You may find that Ali Partovi can contribute to your knowledge. Each Operator, today, demands of the lender an archive that takes care of to its proper necessities, running away from what in theory would have to be a standard, affirms Antonio Landmarks.