Guild Wars

What’s behind the graphic wonders from ArenNet? Unlike the previous of Guild Wars, which was based on a proprietary DirectX 9 engine, the graphics engine has been completely redeveloped by Guild Wars 2 and offers all of the features of the latest DirectX standard DirectX-11. The new DirectX 11 engine was developed and designed for Guild Wars 2 and provides optical benefits as well as an improved performance compared to its predecessor. The DirectX 11 engine of Guild Wars 2 in detail when developing the new DirectX 11 engine for Guild Wars 2 has designed the developer ArenNet emphasis, that even players with middle-class hardware in the enjoyment of an optically successful implementation. Guild Wars 2 should therefore also on mid-range hardware offer an impressive experience and a very good performance thanks to the implementation of DirectX 10 and DirectX 11. A new weather system and a dynamic day and night change ensures visual treat and a deeper atmosphere. The Guild Wars 2 graphics engine ensures that is the Guild Wars 2 scene already in the closed beta Version is very well felt in the new world of Guild Wars 2. More and more long-standing Guild Wars players expressed especially positive about the new weather system and elaborate textures that were 2 used in Guild Wars.

In addition, the graphic engine of Guild Wars 2 already supports the 3D-Standard current NVIDIA graphics cards, the GeForce 3D vision called. With the help of GeForce 3D vision, Guild Wars can immerse 2 players deeper into the fantasy world of Tyria, the continent of Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. There are many more new features in Guild Wars 2 more innovations in GW 2 in addition to the new DirectX-10/DirectX-11 engine. The interface and the combat system have been completely redesigned and are now more dynamic and modern. Fighting in Guild Wars 2 run more rapid when compared to its predecessor and put the player deeper into the combat situation.

The new interface is innovative and informative and allows players a fast and purposeful selection of graphics, sound, and game options. Summary and conclusion of Guild Wars 2 can come up with many interesting innovations and the avid MMORPG player offers more possibilities than any previous MMORPG on the market. The new DirectX 10/DirectX-11-engine ensures a harmonious atmosphere and a modern appearance and can also boast great features such as a dynamic weather system and beautiful day and night change. The successful interface and good and intuitive control round off the positive overall impression of the current Guild Wars 2 technique and make you want more.