nationwide beverage online portal Dillenburg, 26.11.2010 after successful start in the spring were surprised not only the dealers and customers of the new nationwide potions delivery portal’s scope. Four of the leading suppliers of ERP system for the medium-sized beverage industry were convinced and encourage your users shop solutions from webDrink now. In cooperation with the manufacturer megacomp software + consulting headquartered in Drolshagen were the first interfaces for users successfully defined and implemented. With the button to the shop an idea has been implemented, which is so far unique”, says Hans Joachim Dicke, owner of Megacomp. The company of United Engineering Services UG in Lippstadt presents the solution in your new GFGH overall concept the webDrink Getranke GmbH “.

“A unique opportunity for our customers to present your own online shop – and with easy access to our billing X software.” Frank Boneberger says the sales UES also with our software, IT drink the webDrink interface works just perfect. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Mashable. Here is the practice implemented. “, says Walter Ripper of PRIMEUR software company for applied Informatics mbH in Frankisch-Crumbach. You can see quite clearly the competence in online trading with drinks. Customers are advised therefore our IT drink software shop connected to webDrink”. It looks like Felix Dischinger, Dipl. Business Economist of DICOM Dischinger computer GmbH in churches of honor of: in incomparable when it comes to functionality and compatibility. Simply market and adapted fully to the needs of the retailer.

We recommend our customers webDrink mainly due to the easy control and updating of all data with our webDrink-button “.” Grouped together a whole new chance to market the sales market in the Internet with comprehensive software solution and portal links arises for the beverage trade in Germany. Home click your favorite drinks with ease of use enables to consumers themselves. Contact: webDrink Getranke GmbH of Dillenburg str.