Free Internet Eraser

When you surf the Internet on your PC are many traces that affect your safety and efficiency of PC. Free Internet Eraser is a program developed to clean these traces and protect your privacy, totally safe and I recommend especially. Traces on the Internet every time you you connect to the internet, open a page, open a file on your PC, in the end, everytime you are at the computer are leaving traces of what you do, maybe you tell me: Luis, but my PC, I use it. You never know if at some future time you will regret for not having taken the necessary safeguards to protect your privacy. But in addition to privacy, those traces, those marks or records of your activity on the PC are harming the correct performance of the computer in the implementation of the various programmes. For both reasons, safety and efficiency, it is recommended to install and often use a program of Free Internet Eraser type. How to work Free Internet Eraser (F.I.E.) This little program is making automatically clean your PC unless you run no risk with your files, with your programs, simply removes traces of navigation by internet. Configuring it is a very simple process, but for the average user configuration that brings by defect is sufficient to resolve the almost totality of problems that can be corrected with F.I.E., so you don’t have to have profound computer knowledge to successfully execute.

The program comes in two versions, one free so Free (free), which does not have all available program options and other pay that is complete, i.e. with all the configuration options available. Version pays is priced at $29.95 and you can download a trial version for their evaluation from the official website at: However, exist a version pays, we recommend the free version which is more than sufficient for the purpose of clean our PC of undesirable traces and to improve its performance.