Flash Media

Recently to our company for data recovery are increasingly began to bring a variety of flash drives are made under the brand name Sony. It all started with what one friend called and invited to test the usb flash a Sony 8 gb. He The quantity of these drives at a fairly low price, and he bought a couple of test devices. Obi flash initially worked, but then the files on them getting beaten, but after the formatting is again revived. Little tinkering with the device from Windows and making sure that its behavior is stable, we decided to see what was inside.

Open the case, we found a single chip controller Create i5062 and one nand flash memory. <> <> This caused even more doubts, because chips of 64 Mbit quite expensive. At the very memory chip, there was no factory markings, except incomprehensible numbers. <> <> Putting a chip nand flash memory programmer, we read her id and it identified manufacturer and capacity of the chip. Flash was the firm Hynix 128 mb. Now it became clear why initially it works, and from some point everything starts to crumble.

But the story has not ended. Recently, more and more began to appear fake drives with the wrong capacity. Recently, our office, the recovery of information brought to the card Memory Stick Duo, 2 gb capacity, which stood in the camera and eventually stopped working. At the same time lost all the photos. On the computer card was determined with the correct capacity, but it was not a logical partition or files. Having reviewed the case, we saw that the nand flash memory chip is marked HY27UT084G2M, which corresponds to 512 mb of memory. After reading it on the programmer and collecting internal logical structure, it was possible to recover files from photographs, but the device is more unfit for use. Buying any flash drive, be careful when looking for a low price, especially if it is suspiciously low. With extreme caution buy drives from Sony, because the firm is most counterfeited. If you have important data that you are going stored on flash media, for use of the record in his file, the entire storage capacity, and then test it.