Five Days To A New Cashier

NexGen rolls out POS systems at DEPOT Switzerland in just five days the NexGen POS specialist in 24 DEPOT stores of the Gries Deco company GmbH in the Switzerland has installed completely new POS systems and put into operation. The service team of NexGen realized the complete rollout of IBM SurePOS 500 POS hardware and POS software GK/retail as well as EFT connection and DSL as a complete service provider for service and support. In the branches of the decoration and furnishings specialists DEPOT find the customers gift ideas, furniture as well as residential and decorative accessories with which they can make your home even more beautiful. In addition to an attractive design and the latest trends of residential places also largest emphasis at DEPOT on the feel-good factor. often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Therefore, the primary objective is a relaxed customer service also when paying at the cash register. To achieve this, DEPOT enforces that completely stress-free and in record-breaking speed of only one week in the Switzerland on a new POS system with the software GK/retail of GK SOFTWARE AG, in may 2012 the service team of NexGen to a total of 60 cash desks has been rolled out. After the rollout NexGen remains with its services portfolio to the page. As a provider for the Gries Deco company in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, NexGen provides the first – and second-level support and maintenance on-site. The call center by NexGen supports DEPOT in four languages and a service around the clock 24 hours with any questions about the software and hardware for their own software, as well as for third-party software like the GK/retail software. The roll-out in all DEPOT stores in the entire Switzerland in just five days proves our service organization”performance, says Marc Masurath, Managing Director of NexGen Solutions GmbH. our experience and our expertise not only with our own but also with POS systems from third-party are the basis that we support our customers quickly and reliably provide professional services.”