EyeTv Model

What DVB-T stick is 2012 recommended? Today we want to deal with 2 different DVB-T sticks, which exhibit a marked difference immediately on first glance and this refers to the price. Firstly it goes to the EyeTv persity dual tuner DVB-T stick and on the other to the CSL-DVB-T stick with a Realtek chip. Both devices will of course have the same function, however, falls as often as the large difference in the price. Whereas the model from the House of CSL, only around 20 euro costs, you pay persity even to the 90 euro for the other model of EyeTv. But what are the differences and what can the individual devices? Let’s start with the CSL device only once.

Of course the antenna, the USB-stick and a matching remote control is included. The scope is so small but fine and offers everything that is needed for the television via DVB-T at the same time. The features totaled function a time shift, so that it is possible to access time-delayed television. An electronic Program guide is available, as well as the HDTV program. In addition, you have also the possibility to record the TV program and to save on your PC. Thus it quickly becomes clear that you get a rich range of features for the price of 20 euros.

The antenna of the CSL DVB-T sticks is suitable only for indoor use, yet offer a good reception. Come we now almost 3 times as expensive model from the home of EyeTV persity DVB-T stick. Compared to the top model but also a much nicer falls one next to the significantly more expensive price”design. More information is housed here: Zendesk. Of course, this is in the eye of the beholder, but the look of the aluminum housing is very elegant and fresh. But let’s get to the facts and figures. Digital television is also available here, but are included with not one, but two antennas with included. This means that you have many more options. So leaving is similar to the record with the top model, the TV program, while however with the 2nd antenna going on watch TV can, a completely different program as to draw on that. The 2 antennas have still another advantage. The speech is the picture in picture function, 2 channels make it possible to see at once. Furthermore, even a remote control is included in the and an electronic program guide is also, much like with the top product. Now we come to the conclusion. Overall, one must say that surprised, because it offers is still everything just for 20 euro, you need just the very cheap model. Who is however on additional functions and emphasis on great design, which is certainly better served by the more expensive model.