Earning Money on the Computer

Quickly only cats are born. But as ever earn on the internet now and I know. Now I spend at work on the Internet only 1-2 hours per week and earn $ 10-15 per week. Earnings are constantly growing and this without your site. Until then, I worked 8-10 hours a day. Clicked, looked through the mail, to work up a couple of dollars a month. It's just not bearable to sit at the computer so much time and view the sites. When available clicks ended, talked to forums in search of normal earnings.

I've always wanted to work less and get a nice extra income. Someone advised me to sell on the forum site in my signature under the banner or link. At that time I messages have been on every forum (3 forum) 300-400 pcs. So I did. Posted on the forums in my signature: "Buy a place under the banner, links, $ 3 per month deployment." In a week, contact me on icq and bought a signature on a forum $ 3. A little later sold and in other forums from 2 to $ 3. I just became a chat in the forums and get paid for placing banners or links in my signature.

In the month came out $ 05.09. And then somehow accidentally got on one site. Read what they write, looked screens payments (on screen came out $ 1000-1500 per year). Decided to buy the training ($ 33). I earned at the time $ 53 for signatures on the forums. And I thought: burn the barn, burn, and Hata. I bought the training. By icq site author told me everything in detail and showed both what and when to do it. A week went by – nothing. Wrote the author of this site: why do I still do not earn? The site author says: wait some more. Here is a pancake, I think: got a divorce. But no, by the end of next week, began to receive money. $ 33, I returned for 3 weeks. Earning all the time became longer. I'm working now, a couple of hours a week. Now I have a weekly $ 15-20. I wish I had not got on his website. The one who searches always finds. I want to thank author of this site, and wish him good luck and prosperity.