Discovering Russia

Russia is synonymous of magic and mystery. Its long nights, its engalanados palaces, and their long relegamiento behind curtain transmutes it to the iron in a tourist destiny of suggestive enchantment. Moscow, Saint Petersburg, the frosts Siberian steppes or the calm Baikal lake guarantee unforgettable memories of an Earth demurrage of the czars. However, without the suitable planning of the tourist reserves the Russian excursion can present/display some disadvantages. But some simple collections are taken, nothing will be able to dim our vacations coextractions.

During the Soviet period, the foreign tourism in Russia and other republics of the union was practically impossible. However, if the internal tourism, since it promoted it to the state offering very economic packages, within reach of any wage were possible. But the lodgings did not separate from the traditional communist sobriety and, of course, the spectacles of ” color local” they did not exist, by unnecessary. With the fall of the Comunism, the things changed radically. interest of the foreign tourism to accede to this extensive territory to the margin of the world during as much time went off to unimaginable levels, untying a demand that, to today, not even the main Russian cities are still in conditions for satisfying. Moscow and Saint Petersburg increase and perfect their hotel supply day to day, but still the demand continues surpassing them. It is why the apartments for tourists are fashionable there, hostels and the calls ” mini hoteles” , much more fast to install and to prepare to receive guests who a traditional hotel.

As it shows of the rage to visit Russia, an example is enough: the city of Saint Petersburg at present counts on ten hotels of five stars and about twenty of four stars, but they are not sufficient to absorb the swollen ones of excited visitors. From which to realise a reserve online of lodging several ahead months one becomes a first irreplaceable step in the planning from our trip to Russia. Mainly if we chose to travel in summer, when the hotel system really colapsa. A reserve in time will avoid that we must be satisfied and so it is, that this would mean: hotels very, very far from the center. A detail that in Saint Petersburg, for example, is not anything smaller. The bridges on the Neva river, that divides the city, are raised between the 1 and the 5 in the morning, disrupting the communications between both part. From which to have to be satisfied to a hotel or remote apartment it can also mean, for example having to resign the probability of visiting the center by the nights.