Digital Media

In its article, ' ' Beyond Myth and Metaphor? The Case of Narrative in Digital Media' ' , Ryan explores the uses of the narrative in diverse areas of the digital way. Viacom spoke with conviction. one of the areas is of the games. Differently of the ludologistas, Ryan says that the narratividade and the games combine, and must be used together. As example, review of the game Combat Mission cites one, that simulates a German campaign in World War II: ' ' My two to panzer IVG tanks got lucky. Approaching the crossroads, they cleared rise and caught two Sherman tanks out of position, one obstructing the aim of to other. Concentrating to their fire, they quickly took out the Allied units and the surviving crews abandoned the flaming hulks and retreated into the woods nearby' ' (New York Times, 2000). From this stretch, Ryan affirms that, exactly in one review, the narrative is present, after all, the player treats itself exactly as part of the game, that is, the immersion is functioning perfectly. After that, it comments and it answers the critical ones of the adepts of the ludologia: ' ' Many people will rightly argue that to computer games ploughs played will be the sake of solving problems and defeating opponents, of refining strategic skills and of participating in on-line communities, and not will be the purpose of creating ' ' trace' ' that reads a story. Yet if narrativity were totally irrelevant you the enjoyment of games, why would designers put only much effort into the creation of narrative interface? Why would graphics be only sophisticated? Why would the task of to player be presented fighting terrorists or saving the earth from invasion by evil creatures from to outer space to rather than ' ' gathering points by hitting moving targets with the cursor controlled by joystick' '? The narrativity of action games functions what Kendall Walton would call ' ' prop in the game of make-believe.' ' It may not be the raison d' tre of games, but it plays such an important rolls a stimulant will be the imagination that many recent games uses lengthy film clips, which interrupt the game, you immerse to player in the game world.' ' (RYAN, 2001).