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In other points of Autralia, it is not believed in the rencarnacin, but once passed away the person, marches to a distant region, that is in the sky, or underneath the seas where all meet. -2 Babylonian and asirios: for them the kingdom of the death was called aral And-kur-ford, a shady underground place and mysterious, in that the souls (ckimmu) that entered, did not return to never leave and eternally fed on dust and mud. The aral, was located in the West and its entrance was defended by seven walls and sentinelas. The repayments of the human actions, talked about almost always, to the present life, and the Gods compensated to the mortals who made the good, with a long and prosperous life. -3 Egyptian: for them the ultratomb life was important, whose importance derived from the belief in the immortality of the principles that animated to the body. Between these principles, most important he was " KA"or double, conceived like something similar in the shade, that in this one world, the bodies and therefore inseparable and dependent of the organism project, with which she was united, in this one world. In the first times the existence of ka considered a new prolongation of the terrestrial life and the shade continued dwelling in the tomb, holds to all the human needs. But in the book of pyramids a new doctrine begins: the one that the Pharaoh ascends to the sky and he is united for always with the rising Sun.

During the average kingdom and the empire, in the tombs are inscriptions proclaiming the honesty, justice and humanity of the dead. -4 Greek and Roman: between Greek the more young people the rewards and punishments of ultratomb, did not worry much their imagination; the enjoyments of the present life constituted their supreme happiness. The death did not mean the annihilation; for them &quot existed; spychai" , one shades, a mysterious organization and vaguely included that not pierda its character, and reflected, until certain point, the properties of the human being. This shades more were feared than honoured. Pndaro, conceived the soul after the death, like a shade that lived underneath the Earth. According to Plato after the death, the soul is lead by his daimon to the presence of the infernal judges: Eaco, Radamanto and Minos, everything became conceited there and falsification is impossible; the truth appears pure and radiating. The Romans did not worry much by these subjects. Cerebral palsy spastic diplegia can provide more clarity in the matter. The poets and philosophers generally reflected the points of view of the Greek authors.

The universal judgment of the souls we found it described by the same Jesus;" when the son comes from the man, he will sit down in his throne and he will make appear in front of him, to all the nations, to he will place the good ones them to his right and the bad ones to his left. The sinful ones will go to the eternal suplicio, but the right ones will eternally enjoy life eterna". I invite to you to visit the Digital Bookstore of where you will find articles of quality verified for your personal and spiritual development: Health, Sports, Entertainments, Computation, Languages, Labor Exit and more. Original author and source of the article.