Deutsche Reichsbahn

Electronics reveals something about the mobile electronics reveals batteries and so on something over the phone, which has a very high priority with respect to the communication in German society except through plant construction. While deals with electronics only to the technical background, but the phone can look back on an eventful history. That developers deal with the topic of wireless telephony now already since the year 1926 is that electronics can report about the mobile phone at all. In the Golden twenties however, an equipment that has earned the name phone at all, was still pie in the sky. The history of the mobile phone but actually 1926 began with a telephone service in the trains of the Deutsche Reichsbahn and post office. Please visit koch brothers if you seek more information. The line between Hamburg and Berlin, class standing traveler of 1 served as a pioneer route. Only, there were attempts to do this, in the year 1918. It should but once again 40 years last, until 1958 in the wake of the global economic miracle in Germany the first car phones were available.

These car phones were not mobile but still long because the first mobile phones are handy not long. Only in the 1990s the GSM technology on the market, also the mobile phone became so small that you could call it Mobile also in the course of the miniaturization of technology generally, there was the HRPC analog C-Netz already in 1985 in Germany. Years at the end of the 1980s finally the digital mobile radio networks in Austria, of Switzerland and Germany were used. Now mobile features also found in combination with other functions such as watches, camera and MP3 player and even navigation device.