Dating Online

The author spent much time on dating sites trying to find my other half, which I would like to live more than one night, and all my life. Perhaps it is sheer utopia and mysticism, but the theme we have at this time is different. For The years spent at the computer screen, the author managed to clearly separate the majority of girls in the category 'to 30' into separate subspecies. Since all the profiles on dating sites clearly typed, then the content of standard items Women's profiles can be understood: to tell whether a particular girl, and for a future together, you can expect it to classification of girls on dating sites you'll ever need (in descending order of quantity) 1.Printsessy. Some are looking for men "so do not drink or smoke, and flowers always gave" some ordinary Russian oligarchs, but they are united by one thing – the dream of a prince.

Only reason they do not think about what might attract above the princes of their more than modest nature, which merge into neat rows of soldiers the Army princesses – all in the same form and to one person. Dress, attention! Prince on a white horse would choose now! Recommendation: If you not a prince, then this category is not for you. Stares at you will pick holes in, and now, oh, you are kicked from the tower of the princess in the trash, and she again looks weary eye on the horizon. 2.Prostitutki (Prostitution – for sale Women of the body in order to obtain a livelihood, as well as for personal enrichment – Dictionary of Russian Language) 2.1 Women who know what they're doing and it's called.