The dentists at the CentrO advise patients on the subject of bleaching the doctors of community practice dentists at the CentrO”offer the possibility to inform themselves extensively on the topic of bleaching. So doctors interested patients, to clarify what whitening options there are and what risks, side effects and costs to the patients in a treatment for whiter teeth come to. There are different options for tooth whitening. So, the teeth with polishing paste or powder cleaners can be superficially cleaned and brightened. These methods are almost useless at tooth stains through dead tooth nerves.

Bleaching of teeth is much more effective in contrast to the applications of polishing pastes. As a teeth whitening through bleaching is not risk-free but, the dentists at the CentrO advise their patients extensively about this topic. So the dental experts, guarantee that the cleaning successfully and without influencing the health of patients can be performed. Whitening at the doctor vs. home bleaching bleaching is a undiluted bleach on the teeth applied. This bleach by light or heat is activated by the flow and affects the teeth for some time. Then it is removed and the result is directly visible. For the teeth whitening at home there in pharmacies over-the-counter whitening strips or whitening gel, the bleaching agents containing hydrogen peroxide.

Of professional whitening of the teeth by a dentist the bleach are much more concentrated than for the home applications. But even though the dosage of hydrogen peroxide in lower dose great risks and side effects at home whitening. The dentists at the CentrO invariably advise a consultation before the home bleaching to take advantage. Treatments must be individually held the teeth of patients are very different. So, even bleaching can achieve a variety of effects. Therefore, the doctors advise patients are always advised to leave. Depending on the thickness of the previous discoloration several whitening sessions can be the result desired by the patient. You must analyze before a treatment but the fundamental Constitution of the teeth, so that the teeth of the patient no harm take. “, says Sven Sekula, dentist at dentists at the CentrO with the specialty of aesthetic dentistry. About the dentist at CentrO: The dentists at the CentrO are a community practice with 55 young ladies and gentlemen. Due to her years of experience limited Oberhausen practice examinations and treatments not only on the oral cavity itself, but always looking on the whole person. So the experienced staff guarantee a competent, thorough and above all also very caring and helpful to all patients. Among the services of the practice for dental of fear patients, dental Sedierungen, implants, as well as treatments with General anesthesia.