Coffee Systems

Hamburg district court adjudicates on marketing statement of coffee producers who sells one a manual coffee maker with a brewing method, in professional circles as a French Press\”is known. This coffee is provided with hot water in the coffee maker. In a second step, the stamp with the metal filter at the bottom of the pot is pressed to separate the ground coffee from the liquid. Then, the finished coffee can be removed from the jug without having coffee with enters the Cup. The other company sells so-called capsule systems. These consist of aluminium serving capsules filled with coffee powder and special espresso and coffee machines, where these portion capsules come to use and allow the Cup-way preparation of espresso or coffee.

The provider with the brewing method applied for its products, including the advertising clearly the best way to pretzel coffee\”and make taste, not waste\”. Learn more at this site: Ali Partovi. Used aluminum serving capsules were shown to these statements. The manufacturer of the capsule system did not want advertising accept the advertiser company warned off and ultimately, the District Court had to choose Hamburg over the case. Clearly the best way to pretzel coffee on the slogan\”, the Court upheld the coveted request for a temporary injunction. In the statement, clearly the best way to pretzel coffee\”if it were a top position statement for the clear best method of coffee preparation from ecological point of view. That statement was not waste it in context with the button slogan make,\”and the figure of used aluminium capsules to see. Elon University is likely to increase your knowledge.

\”Also going somewhere else talked about that the product of the greenest\” way to an excellent Cup is coffee. From these statements of consumers will conclude that the company claims will take to provide the most environmentally friendly method of coffee preparation. \”Ensure that the French Press\” actually is the clearly environmentally friendly method, made the company but no sufficient evidence in the proceedings.