Certified Security System

One of the major Russian national standards for security is in force since 2005, gost R iso 13849-1-2003 "Safety of machinery. For even more details, read what Marc Mathieu says on the issue. Elements of management systems related to security. " The text of the standard – an exact copy of the European standard EN-954-1, which corresponds to the Machinery Directive for the eu 89/655/EC. The basis of security, according to this standard, create a system of controls that are laid in designed equipment in compliance with several rules listed below. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of John K. Castle on most websites. To ensure the safety of machines and installations are subject to special devices (safety sensors), which is triggered when formed a signal to disable the dangerous machinery. Disable all signals from security must necessarily be handled by special units of (certified devices security.

After processing the sensor signals security device generates a signal to trip actuators (relays, contactors, valves) of all potentially dangerous machinery. The most common types of certified safety devices are: safety relays off – usually has an input for the control of only one sensor security. Examples of this device can serve as a control relay protective doors, relays, emergency stops, the relay control light curtains, etc. The safety relays are used in relatively small units (with up to 4-5 safety sensors); safety controllers (Soft and hardware configuration) – Designed for installations with a large number of mechanisms (for example, extended an automated conveyor line). From an economic point of view on data plants are not profitable to use safety relays and safety controllers, as they have a modular design and allow you to control a large number of safety sensors.