Boilers Heating

One house – one pot. This simple rule holds true in most cases, the design and installation of heating system a country house. And, given the reliability of modern boilers, such an approach is justified. However, despite this, a significant number of owners of private houses before the start of work on designing the heating system in your own home, the need arises second boiler. In our experience, each The customer defines his second. The initial motivation is usually concern over the possible release of boiler failure at the height of the heating season, when the outdoor temperature is below zero.

It must be admitted, such concerns may be fair, considering not the mild climate in Moscow and Moscow region. A modern gas-fired boilers, although quite reliable, but not absolutely. What to do? In which case, the use of two boilers for heating a house justified and how many will pay for it? It is the answers to these questions is dedicated to the material in this article. Their practical advice, we build on technical information, specifications and pricing experience design and installation of heating systems of private houses. The use of two (or more) boilers for heating of private homes may be needed in the following cases: To reserve – in case of failure of one of boilers, and the second will provide home heating, even if not fully, to achieve the necessary power, if you want to use to heat your home only wall-hung boilers, and power requirement exceeds the maximum power One wall of the boiler. Reservation of the boiler heating Reserve increases the overall reliability of the heating system and a new quality, which has an additional cost. In the case of second boiler as a backup, the total capacity of two boilers is assumed to be estimated (the project). Theoretically, for a full backup, you can use two boilers, each of which will have 100% tnoy power needed for heating, water supply and sanitation.