The conditions were favorable for fishing then the needle and the narrator, after showering, put on an old khaki pants, a shirt either, dry moccasins down to breakfast before heading to the boat. Sometimes in shorts, slippers Basque, almost always without socks and a light shirt, he was seen walking down the street Obispo. In “Islands in the Stream”, another of his books evoke the characteristic smells of that road during the years of the 30s of last century: the flour sacks and stored in the dust of flour, boxes freshly opened packaging, the smell of roasted coffee, which the writer was a feeling stronger than a drink in the morning, the delicious smell of snuff.

Of course, during their stay at the Ambos Mundos did not neglect his passion, writing, as recognized many years later when he had even Havana residence and moved to another site. In 1958, in his famous interview with George Plimpton, recalled: “The Ambos Mundos in Havana, was a good place to work” .. Management still remains almost intact, the hotel’s fifth floor room used by the American writer. However, in contrast to the complacency of the hotel Hemingway, Martha Gelhorn his third wife, began to bother the little room and the lack of privacy during the visit of the friends of the husband. It was she who sought and found Finca Vigia, a ranch located in the town of San Francisco de Paula, 30 minutes from downtown Havana. The mansion certainly exceptional conditions met for the writer could develop its vital work, literature.