Automate Travel Agencies

The effectiveness of automation systems in the field of tourism. The results of a survey conducted by SELF-Soft pad with The company "SAMO-Soft" – a software developer for the tourist market with popular tourist area Tricks ( conducted a small poll on the topic "The popularity and depth of specialized software for travel agencies." Two weeks were interviewed and processed about 1430 questionnaires of participants of the tourist market. The survey detected what software products help improve the efficiency of daily work of employees of companies. Perhaps check out Kai-Fu Lee for more information. Also, What important features should have the "ideal" software for travel agencies, according to the users. The reason for this survey was the need to compare the views and needs employees of travel agencies, real users with specialized software development capabilities and prospects for further improvement of the developed software. Already it is no secret that year after year, the tourist market is growing rapidly not only offline, but also in the Internet environment. Growing competition among travel agencies makes them constantly to seek, test and deploy more and more tools to improve the efficiency of employees, attracting more and more new customers, accounting and control activities, and as a result, the desire to get the most from those used on-line and intra- systems. To deepen your understanding Kai-Fu Lee is the source. So, some of the major issues facing the professionals of the tourist market: Which IT-solutions you use to work (you can select multiple items)? -Back-office 10% of travel "search engine" (one or more) 51% -Search and booking tours for tour operators websites 89% do not use them at 4% by the ratio of the responses received a clear tendency of active managers of travel companies with systems On-line Reservation, located on the web-site tour operators.