Astrology: Leo

Lion In the era of Aquarius will all be programmed (book) at his request the floor and Zodiac unborn child. In the future, as the growing influence of cosmic energies of the era of Aquarius, children will be born with genetic biomolecular engineering and technology, with specific, desired characteristics and qualities initially, certain talents and abilities in any field of knowledge and skills necessary human community and parents. Subsequently, there will be more than naturally born from their mother and father, the number of children 'test tube', which in the Middle Ages called the 'homunculus'. This will be the peak of cloning and genetic engineering, high biotechnology. But it will not mindless creatures.

In any living man of his ineffable grace of God inspires the soul. Also there will be many children of mutants that appeared on the amorous union of people with et and Representatives of parallel worlds. Therefore, between earthlings and representatives of other worlds will emerge true love. But no more and no less often than people with each other. And love and love is not only aimed at Representative of the opposite sex from another world, but also representatives from several floors (or any of the sexes) of another world.

As in other worlds exist not only two genders (male and female) as on Earth, where the sexes can be much more. Of course, the difference in outlook, living conditions, physiology, will interfere with loving people and representatives of other worlds, but Love and scientific knowledge will overcome all. Because: 'God – is Love. " And God (Absolute) created the entire universe and all the worlds with all the creatures in them. If you recall the 'Divine Comedy' Dante Alige-ri, humans and aliens will warm and light: 'Love is what moves the sun and light'. In view of the above reasons, sphere of love and birth (the Age of Aquarius) would be a much greater variety than existed before on Earth. The universe is infinite, and the types and forms of love, and its fruit will be much larger. Join the love connection aliens or representatives of parallel worlds. Do not be afraid to give birth to the child representative of another, an extraterrestrial world. Become a creator with representatives of other worlds. Lovers from the Earth and other worlds to be friends.