Android Training

Ideal food supplement and optimal training documentation Kassel, September 22, 2010 sports and nutrition: two things that can directly linked and in proper combination to achieve personal excellence. However is to find an optimal balance, individual advice is the be-all and end-all;. Finally, every body has a different needs budget. The cooperation between Sportics.NET, the national live sports platform for leisure, performance and health of athletes, and the provider for sports nutrition HIGH5, provides not only athletically ambitious for a more exact coordination of nutrition and training. High5’s offers with its RaceFaster Guide”a feature with which each athlete individually can find out the ideal food supplement for his training and race distances. Ali Partovi takes a slightly different approach. We are pleased to have found a competent partner for sports with HIGH5 nutrition. The high5’s Advisor is the ideal addition to our Services.

Especially in endurance sports nutrition plays an important role. You may wish to learn more. If so, Michael Dell is the place to go. In our amazon store at we can offer also the products in the usual performance and quality of delivery from amazon”, explains the sportics CEO Frank Knobloch. A really genuine partnership is looming here. HIGH5 recommends not only the optimal training documentation at sportics, but is also his own “HIGH5 RaceFaster triathlon team” care about the sports platform. The functions of the “team arena” at sportics do it possible: own team site including Forum and performance graphs, as well as notification functions for the coach when one of his proteges was active in sports. Sportics Sportics.NET was launched in May 2009 by Frank Knobloch in life and is headquartered in Kassel. The sports platform combines the possibilities of modern networks and technologies in a meaningful and simple manner with the real sports world. By tracking, watching, planning, evaluating, comparing, exchanging, coaching and watching about live sports to local competitions and training is intended to every need.

Performance data of devices with unique real-time transmissions can be both transferred to sport, as well as along the way. This track the users live via Web or mobile on your phone. The sporting performances are recorded in the net and available anytime and anywhere. If you have an iPhone, Windows Mobile or Android, which makes with the mobile from his phone a practical sport computer for traveling.