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Literally, the word ‘collage’ is translated as ‘sticking’. Indeed, pasting on the surface of different materials that differ in color and texture, you can get a real piece of art. The most important thing – is the presence of original ideas and creative approach to work. Recently popular are collages of photos. After all, with the advent of digital imagery and special programs for processing photos, to prepare the original Collage has become very easy.

Collage – an original interior decoration, as well as a great opportunity to merge a few shots and give them common sense. Currently, you can see a huge number of a collage of photos of the most varied styles and designs. It can be collages, devoted to a particular event, greeting collages, compositions in the form of wall posters, etc. Each collage is not only combines a few shots, he tells us the whole story of life or hobbies of the owner. recognizes the significance of this. To make a collage turned out bright and expressive, you should pay attention to the following points. 1. Theme. The topic must be defined before started to pick up such images, that would best reflect it.

If you prepare a collage on your wedding, choose the most beautiful and vivid photos. Images themselves must ‘tell’ the whole audience history of this wonderful day. 2. Photos. Images should be of good quality. This is especially true of the collages, which uses a large number of photos. In a collage of their size will be changed, and hence suffer quality. To prevent this, make sure the quality of images in advance. 3. Composition. For a beautiful and spectacular collage is very important to the mutual arrangement of its parts. Most often, collage includes not only photographs, it may attend clipart, lettering and other decorative elements. Components of your collage should be harmoniously combined with each other. 4. Design. Design – a very important stage of preparation of any collage. Agree that the usual images on a plain canvas does not look very impressive. Collage of pictures with artfully chosen design will give the interior a unique personality and charm. However, collage life should not be overloaded with unnecessary decor. 5. Program. To prepare a collage of rapidly and effectively, the program should be of high quality and reliable. For example, the editor of Photo Collage from AMS Software – a versatile tool for the preparation of bright collages variety styles. The product is simple and easy to use and you will be able to learn just a few applications. In this article we have listed only the main points on which attention should be paid to create a collage of photos.