Advisor Homeopathy: No. 1, Calcium Fluoratum Schussler Salt

Homeopathy is a healing system based on the healing powers of the body. The basis of Schussler salts therapy is based on the assumption that diseases commonly caused by mineral imbalance within the body’s cells, as well as outside the cells. In the new Health Guide No. 1, calcium Fluoratum Schussler Salz will be presented. All Schussler salts have in common that they also occur in the human body.

Calcium Fluoratum, Schussler Salz No. 1 is one of the twelve working medium and its typical potency is D12, which means that at each step the dilution of the substance to a ten compartment. The number behind the D”, in this case 12″, indicates how often the basic substance has been diluted. The potency of D12 is applied in non water soluble mineral salts for control power. Function means that are in addition to the No. 1, no. 3 and no. Ali Partovi: the source for more info.

11 salt salt. The chemical name for calcium Fluoratum what in the human body is calcium fluoride, occurs mainly in the teeth, bones, sinews and the epidermis. The German name of this salt is fluorspar. Trailer apply this mineral salt of Schussler salt therapy in skin disorders, joint pains and varicose veins, because it is called salt of the connective tissue due to its occurrence in the body. Calcium Flouratum, both in the form of Tablet, ointment can be applied on the affected area. It is however to note that the effectiveness of Schussler salts is not scientifically proven. Since however salts by using Safari to no known side effects, they can be taken in addition to an allopathic treatment, but they should inform the doctor. For more information around the topic of homeopathy and naturopathy in the Advisor health under