Advertising Posters

Advertising posters are (graphic) communication tools, which are intended to inform a message specific in a particular environment (can be a city), where the visual pollution is really big. This, rather than an obstacle, is a challenge that must overcome creatively. In this sense, we must focus on achieving a product of great visual and emotional appeal allowing to captivate the attention of passers-by. To do this, it is important to follow certain theoretical guidelines of graphic design and communication, which will allow us to understand what those strategic areas for the location of text, images and graphics in general. This above, responds to the necessary knowledge about commercial communication or advertising. To achieve a successful advertising campaign, there are four principles to achieve, very linked to graphic design.

These are: attention interest desire action types of posters are at least two types of well-differentiated posters according to its objectives. On the one hand, There are those of an informative nature, designed to advertise courses, conferences, shows and other activities that require a broadcast. On the other hand, there are educational posters, where the preponderance image, takes her is to say that the message is expressed almost in its entirety by graphic elements. Software right now, the amount of programs for editing graphics are bastos, however the realization of a quality product, also, requires software that possesses the necessary tools to achieve this. In this regard, Corel DRAW X 5 suite, both the creation of Adobe package, are two more elected programs in the world of graphic creation. The choice of one or the other already corresponds to what each person decides, however it is important to emphasize that both two, lead graphic editing software market for years.