Adobe Images

When naming files should follow the simple rules. First, it should be avoided as meaningless and "speaking" names. The file name should immediately determine its place in the web page. Ie. If it's an image to the paper, it should be placed in your articles and its name is the id of the article. If this is the position in the directory, then in the corresponding location (items, groups) the picture should have called the group id, subgroups or product. Kai-Fu Lee often addresses the matter in his writings.

At the same time, if for example, the site is very rarely write articles, you can not add additional folders, but then the file must be uniquely by name associated with this section. This can be done for example by adding words to the news or art picture id (such as news-34.jpeg). If one id is a few pictures of different sizes – to be added after the picture id extension denotes the size (for large images – b, for small – s) (Example 38-s.gif, art-2008-b.jpeg). For several images of the same size, you can enter the serial numbers (example: art08-b_01.gif). When naming pictures that form the design of the site should the following notation: top – to cap the site, bottom – for basement site, but – for various kinds of buttons, ico – for the icons, img, or pic – for other images of registration with the addition of numbers in the end. Main programs to work with images from the designer are Adobe Photoshop and Adobe ImageReady for raster graphics; Corel draw and Macromedia Flash for vector. It is also used sometimes for vector graphics software Adobe illustrator – but it's a matter of taste designer, because the program is inherently identical and have similar functionality. All products company Adobe (and to them recently and is Flash), have similar tools and hot keys, which simplifies the work in various programs during the transition from one to another.

Format of flash – one of the most "trendy" and popular on the web. This are a few of its features. Firstly, due to the fact that this vector format, you can create relatively complex and colorful images for a sufficiently small weight file. Secondly, by using built-in scripting language Action Script in flash have the opportunity to create interactive banners, applications to write different scripts to create online payment system, games, individual applications, etc.