Adobe Flex

Adobe Flex offers many opportunities for developers who want to gain experience in working with the media in today's web space. From creating simple animation to design ready-made website design and time-consuming "Rich Internet applications" (or RIA), all this is possible thanks to Adobe Flex. For even more analysis, hear from Kai-Fu Lee. Functionality. Flex allows developers to create animation and RIA applications (rich Internet applications) that can be viewed in Adobe Flash Player, and in Adobe AIR. Flex Software Developer's Kit (SDK) is available free of charge to anyone who wants to get acquainted with the technology. Of course, Adobe offers an integrated development environment (IDE), to simplify the task of creating applications for Flash and AIR.

For those who do not versed in the technical features, the difference between using the free version and the IDE will not be huge. But in order to better explain the difference between these versions say that any person can write their own history in Notepad, but Ward makes it easier to check the spelling. As with any program, the Adobe Flex has its own advantages and disadvantages, so: For. Since the program is simple to understand, if you know HTML. The work you seems very simple, because Flex consists of tags similar to HTML.

Flex will be useful to those who know javascript. You can create striking sites with a minimum knowledge of programming and web design. But if you are seriously interested in web design, you must be some kind of knowledge. If you use the free version of Adobe Flex, you'll always find plenty of examples that can apply to your site.