“Manuscript for individuals available for free the book entitled management by E-Mail” is a guide for managers. It shows managers how E-Mail should be used for guidance, goals faster, better and with less effort to achieve. Between the seemingly completely different topics, how do I in the corporate career ‘ and how I use email as a leader ‘ an intriguing parallel exists according to Weick: both the one and the other subject those concerned believed until the appearance of the book to know everything there is to know. But in reality, they were completely wrong ideas in many respects. Madness career ‘ moved the coordinate system with respect to career for many.

“Management by email ‘ will do the same for the email usage by Manager.” As madness career ‘ management by E-Mail based ‘ on the observation of very successful Manager. Virtually all Manager, where you have the feeling that they put a tooth at any time even could similar to deal with E-Mail. Management by email lists the principles”; says Walker. The release form is innovative: the book is by Gunter Weick and his co-author Susanne Wagner first online continuing series published as. Every week is a new section that can be subscribed to in the form of a free newsletter. Readers can type in a forum feedback and make suggestions for improvement. Gunter Weick and Susanne Wagner will again revise the texts based on the feedback and then publish it as a printed book. The first section of the book is available for download from July 21, 2010.

There were a sequel to expected October 20 every week. Gunter Weick Gunter Weick studied economics and is founder of the powder laughs consultancy SofTrust consulting. his first book of madness career was published in 1999″. “” It was followed by the founder”, there were only nine” sales tales “and if emails bug” (all Eichbornverlag). Books by Gunter Weick appeared in hardcover and paperback editions, they were translated into other languages and published as an audiobook. Susanne Wagner, Susanne Wagner has an education degree education and studied psychology in Vienna. She has much experience in adult education. Management by E-Mail”is her first book.